At HTGI, we believe in our clients' success. Over the years, we've accumulated extensive knowledge, which we will put to work for you.

  • Application development strategy and implementation
  • Technology strategy
  • Technology architecture
  • Advisory services
  • Technology evanglism
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence
  • Cloud adoption, transition and transformation
  • Technology and business operations
  • Security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cost and quality management
  • Training
  • Project management
  • Recruitment, career management and mentoring
  • Technology/product selection

We pride ourselves on providing insight, expertise and value to all our clients. We provide a boutique consulting experience, regardless of size.

  • Financial Services, including Hedge Funds
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Educational Institutions
  • Religious Organizations
  • Construction and Home Improvement
  • ECommerce and Retail
  • Housing Communities and Home Owner Associations
  • Consulting and Technology Service Providers
  • Workforce Management and Recruiting